Mischief: A Loki Zine

Mischief: A Loki Zine is a fanzine dedicated to the God of Mischief across the Multiverse, with the theme "Mischief Across Time".
We are currently in Contributor Application stage! See Guidelines for links!


If you’re thinking of applying as a contributor, here’s what you need to know!

-Mischief is a split-profit zine. Proceeds will be donated to charity (tbd), and contributors may receive a small cash tip provided there is enough to do so.
-Contributors will also receive a free PDF and physical copy of the zine if sales allow.
-All applicants must be 18+ due to PayPal restrictions.
-Applications will be judged on quality. We encourage everyone (18+) to apply no matter who you ship!
-This zine is rated PG-13, nothing that wouldn’t be seen in the MCU.
-Our theme is “Mischief Across Time”. We want to see Loki’s antics across time and space. How you interpret that is up to you!
-We aim to showcase a wide range of Lokis! You can include ANY variant of Marvel’s Loki in your piece.
AUs are allowed.
-You may include as many other characters in your piece as you wish as long as they are Marvel characters and/or historical figures. That being said, please keep the focus on Loki and the theme!
-Shipping: Mischief is not a ship-central zine. However, if you wish to ship Loki with someone in your piece, shipping is only permitted to be implied and NOT explicitly stated or shown. Eg. hand-holding and hugging is fine, kissing and sexual scenes are not. The ship does not have to be canon, but we will NOT allow shipping involving minors or characters who are blood-related.

Once you have been accepted as a contributor, please follow these guidelines below:


Please submit your stories with the maximum word count of 1,000-2,500 words (you have a leeway of 100 words max) in a Google Document.
At the top of your piece, state the total word count and list tags like you would when publishing on AO3 (eg: AU type, relationships, warnings, fluff/romance).
Your fic does not have to be beta-read. If mods find typos or errors during our review process, we’ll let you know.
That being said, the zine moderators are NOT editors, so please make sure you’re happy with the standard of your work before submitting it for print!


Art does not have to be full color, but it is preferred!
Comics and multi-page spreads are allowed, however there will be limited availability. We will send an announcement once the Discord is open, so be prepared if you are hoping to claim a slot.
Please submit both a PDF and PNG version of your piece(s) (flattened PSD is also acceptable).
Naming convention is “YourName_TitleOfPiece_CheckIn_1”
Each piece must be formatted to CMYK and 300dpi, with the art continuing to the edge of the canvass.
If you are creating a double-page spread or multi-page comic, please submit both the whole piece and the separate pages as separate files. Your separate pages need to have the page number written at the end of the file name. Eg. “YourName_TitleOfPiece_CheckIn_1_Page_01”, “YourName_TitleOfPiece_CheckIn_1_Page_02”, etc.


Follow the above guidelines for artists, but list your photographer’s credit following your own: “YourName_PhotographerName_TitleOfPiece_CheckIn_1”

Our NSFW rules for artists and cosplayers:

-Everything must be PG-13.
-No genitalia or nude bodies allowed.
-No explicit sexual themes.
-Follow the Shipping rules outlined above.
-Keep blood and gore to a minimum.

Our NSFW rules for writers:

No explicit descriptions of nudity or sexual themes. Mentioning that Loki is naked is fine but don’t describe anything in detail.
Loki being in a relationship with someone is allowed to be implied but not explicitly stated or confirmed.
R rated language is fine, but do not use crass sexual references (eg. dropping the F bomb once or twice is fine, “pussies” is not.)
This is intended to be a light-natured zine, violence or blood is allowed provided it is kept to a minimum.
If your story contains material that may be triggering such as PTSD, death or permanent injury, please include a trigger warning.
Absolutely no slurs or hate speech of any kind will be tolerated. An antagonist who is homophobic etc is allowed, but don’t use any slurs to relay it. (We consider “queer” to be reclaimed. You may use it if you so choose provided it isn’t in a hateful context.)

Artist Application form
Writer Application form
Cosplayer Application form


July 4th, 2021 - Interest Check Open
September 5th - Contributor Applications Open
November 5th - Contributor Applications Close
December 1st-15th - Response emails sent
January 1st, 2022 - Contributor List Announced
January 1st - First Check-In
January 25th - Second Check-In
Febuary 20th - Third Check-In
March 15th - Soft Deadline and Pinch-Hitters requested
April 15th - Hard Deadline. All submissions due!
April 30th - Final extension requests due
May - Projected Pre-orders!

Socials links

We have been having some issues with Tumblr, so please be sure to follow us on our other socials too! Any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to DM or email us any time!